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About Woodhead Studio

People are increasingly more discerning with where and how they spend their time, so the art and science of placemaking is more important than ever. Our proven approach is informed by a guiding universal truth, “people want to be a part of something special and have great stories to tell.” 
The Studio comes in on the ground floor to collaborate with owners, investors, and multidisciplinary stakeholders to curate places that people flock to, talk about, and want to share with others.

Our unique on-demand resourcing model means you get the most talented multidisciplinary team every step of the way without traditional agency overhead costs. We are proudly based in Austin, Texas and serve clients across the country.


Woodhead Studio is a proud member of
The Boutique & Lifestyle Leaders Association

Hi, I'm Jessie,
founder of Woodhead Studio.

After two decades of experience in creative direction and branding in everything from mammoth to micro ad agencies and in-house executive roles, I established Woodhead Studio in a firm step to connect directly with clients in a more personable, curious, and tailored way. 

I am a career-long writer, creative leader, mother, and artist.

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