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It's Time
to Get Noticed.


Woodhead Studio offers a refined and unique discovery process in which we tailor meaningful and engaging exercises to your project needs. 


In-person sessions are led by founder, Jessie Woodhead, who works to uncover the ideas and visions you and your team may already have about your brand, destination, company, or campaign. Shareholder insights combined with thorough market research allow us to curate everything from bespoke messaging and killer campaign concepts to visual brand identity packages and programming ideas.

Discovery sessions act as a springboard for inspired work and work in conjunction with The Studio's other service offerings. Sessions are generally in-person with all key stakeholders and last 4 hours. 


From name and tagline to logo
and color palette, we curate
alluring brands designed to
standout in crowded markets.


Get a best-in-class creative 
experience with a talented 

team handpicked for your
project needs.

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